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Hr​ó​ð​vitnir: Solstice Solasvartr

by Draugablíkk



Hr​ó​ð​vitnir: Solstice Solasvartr

In the depths of winter's embrace, the solstice arrives, heralding the year's darkest day and the longest of nights, entwined deeply with the ancient rites of Yuletide. It's a moment of profound change as the sun, in its eternal cycle, begins its slow march back to the northern skies, promising the rebirth of light.

♫ Hróðvitnir Hróðvitnir svartumann
We will hunt for truth
For the ancient one
Oh Hróðvitnir Hróðvitnir svartumann
We will hunt you out
We will cut you down ♫

Within the rich tapestry of Norse mythology, Fenris stands tall – a colossal wolf, spawned from the cunning Loki. This beast, known also as Hróðvitnir and Vánagandr, is a figure of awe and terror.

In the sagas of old, names such as these are whispered with caution; they are "heiting" – substitutions for words too potent, too sacred, or too feared to utter, lest their very sound call forth these ancient powers.

Hróðvitnir, a name that speaks of fierce hunger and unbridled ferocity, aptly captures the wolf's essence, one of ruin and predation. Bound by the gods, yet fated to break free, Fenris (as Hróðvitnir) is destined to consume the sun itself in the cataclysm of Ragnarök, the prophesied end of all things.

This mythic wolf, Hróðvitnir, mirrors the winter solstice's shadow. He embodies the all-consuming darkness that envelops the world on this longest night. Yet, as Yuletide dawns, echoing the traditions that have woven themselves into Christmas, the solstice also signals the sun's return and the gradual elongation of days.

The eventual downfall of Hróðvitnir, allowing the sun to resume its celestial path, symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, an eternal cycle mirrored in the rhythm of the cosmos.


released December 21, 2022


all rights reserved




Guided by the watchful gaze of the Old Gods, Draugablíkk seamlessly blends the rich tapestry of Nordic folk with the shamanic song traditions of Serkland, a historical region east of Scandinavia and Finland.

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