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ÞR​Í​R: Serpents in the Mist

by Draugablíkk



Behold, the debut EP of Draugablíkk, entitled ÞRÍR: Serpents in the Mist (Tíl Valhǫll) — an offering steeped in ancient Nordic lore. The number three holds great significance as it resonates throughout Norse mythology. Three is imbued into every fiber of this musical adventure.

The three Norns, Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld, possess the power to weave the threads of destiny, dictating the fate of all.

The three roots of the world-tree Yggdrasill, pierced by Óðinn’s spear Gungnir, gifted him the knowledge of the runes as he gave himself to himself.

And let us not forget the three years without summer, a grim omen foretelling the arrival of Ragnarǫkkr, the fateful end of the world, and the rebirth of Baldr.

Through ÞRÍR: Serpents in the Mist, Draugablíkk blends the sounds of east and west, death and war, and myth and history. The songs speak to the journeys of the Vikings, the Varangian Rus’, the Goths of Aujum, and the long-forgotten folk who preceded them.

This EP is not meant as a mere musical composition — it was created with a strong intent to deliver a profound, historical, and mystical experience.


released November 15, 2019


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Guided by the watchful gaze of the Old Gods, Draugablíkk seamlessly blends the rich tapestry of Nordic folk with the shamanic song traditions of Serkland, a historical region east of Scandinavia and Finland.

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