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Yngvi Tyrkja Konungr

by Valgam Akatziri



Someone had to rule over Tyrkjaland.

Valgam Akatziri strikes out on his own with an upbeat single that captures the galloping spirit of the horse lord warrior cultures of the Viking Age and the Migration Era — in which Goths and Huns became forever intertwined.

The title Yngvi Tyrkja Konungr means “King Over Turks” or “Ruler of the Turks” — possibly in reference to Óðinn — whose army had subjugated one or more Turkic nomad tribes of the Great Eurasian steppe. The majority of Huns spoke a Turkic language, although their warrior-priest lingua franca was an Indo-European language close to Proto-Germanic or possibly Sogdian.

In the Íslendingabók written by Ari Þorgilsson in the early 1200s, Yngvi Tyrkja konungr appears as the father of Njǫrðr, who in turn is the father of Yngvi-Freyr, ancestor of the Ynglings.

According to the Skjǫldunga saga (a lost epic from 1180–1200, saved only partially in other sagas and later translation), Óðinn/Wōden came from Asia and conquered Northern Europe. He gave Sweden to his son Yngvi and Denmark to his son Skjǫldr. Since then, the kings of Sweden were called Ynglings and those of Denmark Skjǫldungs.

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released November 6, 2020


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Draugablíkk Sweden

Specialized in ancient lore, Draugablíkk is a Hunno-Gothic neofolk band that blends Scandinavian tones and mythology with heathen musical traditions. We perform music inspired by forgotten history, bygone folklore, and Vedic wisdom. 🔥 ᛟ

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