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From the Ashes of Aujum (Ásaland Metal Version)

from NÍU - Blood of the Amali (Ásaland Metal Cut) by Draugablíkk



From the Ashes of Aujum is a hymn that remembers the Goths of Scandinavia and Gotland, who established the Realm of Aujum in ancient Scythia near the Black Sea (to the north of the Roman world.) Being skilled seafarers, the Aujum Goths (known as Ostrogoths and Visigoths in historical sources) raided across the Black Sea and into the eastern Mediterranean almost 500 years before the Viking Age.

The Goths became legendary when they attacked the Roman army near the city of Adrianople in 378 CE, an area that today corresponds to Turkey’s borders with Greece and Bulgaria. The battle ended with an overwhelming victory for the Goths and a crushing defeat for the Romans that included the death of the Roman Emperor Valens. The Gothic rage also led to the destruction of the core army of the Eastern (Byzantine) Roman Empire, the deaths of valuable administrators, and the ruination of all Roman arms factories on the river Danube.

The overwhelming Gothic victory is considered the start of a chain of events that eventually led to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 CE (in which the mounted archers of the Eurasian steppe — the Huns —played no small part.)


from NÍU - Blood of the Amali (Ásaland Metal Cut), released June 19, 2020


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Draugablíkk Sweden

Draugablíkk is a Russo-Nordic neofolk band that blends Scandinavian sounds and mythology with Eastern musical traditions like throat-singing. ᛟ

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